The husband sent the wife to Canada for further education for a better future. He also sold land to pay her college fees. But there the wife started a new life by marrying someone else and started threatening the first husband. This has happened to a family in Gurdaspur, Punjab. In this matter, the concerned family filed a complaint with the police and the matter is being discussed.

She got married 12 years ago in Batala village. Both studied together and later got married with the permission of the family. After about 3 months of marriage, his wife moved to Canada.

He continued to pay college fees in Canada. He also sold ancestral land to pay the fee. His friends living in Canada said that his wife is married in Canada. On contacting his wife, she abused him and threatened to kill him. Later she blocked all the phone numbers. The boy’s mother said that the boy, who had been hoping to go to Canada for 12 years, was cheated.

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