44 lakh cash missing from canara bank currency chest ; 2 staff involved.

An investigation had been launched in the case of the missing of Rs 44 lakh from the currency chest of a Canara Bank branch located at Civil Lines, under the supervision of the regional office.

The local police on Saturday, asked the bank officials for the evidence of the missing case of Rs 44 lakh by giving letter to the bank . The further action will take place after the evidence of this case is collected.

Assistant General Manager Shivram Mishra, who is currently posted in the regional office in Prayagraj logged a case for the missing report of Rs 44 lakh from the bank. Bank manager Vivek Kumar Singh and daily employee Raghuveer Yadav have been named as the accused in this case.

Duing an internal investigation conducted by the bank, CCTV footage revealed that both accused employees were present during the cash sorting process, says Assistant manager Mishra to Local Police.It is alleged that they intentionally removed cash from the bundle of notes.

As of now, the police have initiated an investigation into the matter and are working to gather evidence. A letter has been sent to the bank requesting the submission of any evidence pertaining to the case. Inspector Civil Lines Ramashray Yadav stated that the investigation is currently underway. However, attempts to contact the accused employees for their side of the story have been unsuccessful as their phone numbers are switched off.

The disappearance of Rs 44 lakh from the currency chest of Canara Bank was initially detected by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in Kanpur, which noted a deficiency of Rs 39 lakh. Subsequently, the bank conducted an internal investigation, revealing an additional embezzlement of Rs 5 lakh. Based on the evidence obtained from CCTV footage, the bank management has filed a case against the two accused employees, charging them with embezzlement, fraud, and other offenses. The investigation aims to uncover the truth behind the missing funds and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

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