Arvind Kejriwal is Sher (Lion): says his wife Sunita Kejriwal at India Block Rally .

At Ramlila maidan Arvind kejriwal’s wife Mrs. Sunita Kejriwal attended an India Block Rally on Sunday.

Sunita Kejriwal at Indian Bloc Rally

Sunita Kejriwal spouse of Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday attended India Block Rally, where she read the message given by the Delhi CM who is now in Enforcement Directorate Custody for excise policy linked case.

Sunita Kejriwal speaking at the India Block Rally said “Your own Arvind kejriwal have send you message from the jail. Before reading the message I would like to ask you something. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi have put my husband in the jail, did he do the right thing? Do you believe Kejriwal ji is true patriot and honest person? The BJP are asking Arvind Kejriwal ji to resign as he is in jail. Arvind kejriwal ji is a lion ,they can’t keep him in jail for a long.”

Many top position leaders were their at India Block Rally, where Sunita addressed that ” The people of Delhi have faced lots of injustice in the last 75 years. We will make Delhi a full state only if INDIA bloc comes to power.

Reading out Arvind Kejriwal’s message from jail, Sunita Kejriwal said, “My dear fellow Indians. Accept greetings from your son, your brother from jail. I am not asking for your vote. In the upcoming elections, I am not even discussing winning or losing with anyone. Today, I invite all 1.4 billion people of this country to build a greater India.”

“God has gifted everything to India. Yet, why are we lagging behind? Why are we illiterate? I am here in jail, where I have plenty of time to think. I think for Mother India. Mother India is very sad. Mother India is in pain, she is crying out in agony,” Sunita Kejriwal said as she read out the Delhi CM’s message.

At the rally, Sunita Kejriwal also read out six poll promises pitched by jailed Arvind Kejriwal. There are:

1. Countrywide 24-hour electricity.

2. The poor in country will get free electricity.

3. Every village and mohalla will get a good government school.

4. Every village, and mohalla will get a mohalla clinic.

5. Farmers will get MSP as per the Swaminathan Committee report.

6. Full statehood for Delhi.

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