Men are also at risk of breast cancer.

The incidence of cancer has been increasing in recent years. Any part of the body is susceptible to cancer. Breast cancer, which occurs mostly in women, can also occur in men. If this disease is diagnosed on time and proper medication is taken, it is completely curable. However, if symptoms appear, get checked by a doctor immediately. Don’t panic because of illness, it can be overcome with medication.

Breast Cancer in men.

Types of cancer:-

Breast cancer, cervical cancer, mouth cancer, bladder cancer, blood cancer, kidney cancer, liver lung cancer, prostate brain and skin etc.

Diet, exercise important:-

Men or women need to be conscious of their health, diet should not be neglected in the hectic life. It is necessary to do regular exercise, yoga to keep yourself away from diseases. Avoiding junk food and eating a vitamin rich diet is important.

Which organs can get cancer?

Recently, the number of cancer patients has increased. Any organ can get cancer. This can cause cancer of thigh, jaw, throat, mouth, chest and bone.

Symptoms of breast cancer in men?

Breast Lumps:-

Cancerous breast Lumps usually happens in:-

  • only happens in one breast.
  • grow under or around nipple.
  • are painless (but in rare case it may hurt)
  • feel hard or rubbery.
  • gets harder over time.
  • Other Symptoms :-
  • The nipple turning inward.
  • A sore or rash around the nipple that does not go away.
  • The nipple or surrounding area becomes hard,red or swollen.
  • Small bumps in the armpit.

Can cancer be cured?

A person with cancer should fight without losing courage. It is important to be stress free without worry, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. Proper medication should be given. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy are used for treatment. Patients should not panic in the fourth stage.

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