These 10 “BUDGET ANNOUNCEMENTS” that will directly benefit you.


In the budget, the government has announced fiscal deficit, total capital expenditure, etc., due to which government expenditure will be reduced and the banks will have more money for disbursement of loans. Therefore, the interest rates can be reduced by the Reserve Bank and the EMI of the loan can be reduced.

02:- Electricity bills will be saved

Solar panels will be installed on more than one crore houses through Pradhan Mantri Suryodaya Yojana. Due to this, every family will be able to get 300 units of free electricity every month. This will save every family 15 thousand to 18 thousand rupees every year.

03:-Increase in number of Doctors:-

In this budget, the government has announced to start medical colleges in district hospitals across the country. Therefore, more seats will be created, more students will be able to pursue medical education and more number of doctors will be prepared in the country.

04:-E-vehicles will get cheaper:-

Lithium-iron cells have to be manufactured for batteries used in electric vehicles. For this, import of essential goods has been exempted. The government has further extended the subsidy on EV batteries by one year.

05:-Freedom from taxation:-

All the pending cases regarding income tax evasion were cancelled. This includes cases of income tax arrears of Rs. 25,000 till 2009-10 and Rs. 10,000 till 2014-15. Some cases are pending since 1962. This gave relief to taxpayers of over 8 crores.

06:-Own House:-

Everyone wants to own a house to live in. To fulfill this dream, the government has completed the target of constructing three crore concrete houses in rural areas through PM Awas Yojana. It has been announced to build two crore more houses in five years.

07:- Tonic for tech companies:-

A special fund of Rs 1 lakh crore will be created to provide low interest loans to tech companies. Artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, blockchain, robotics, biological technology etc. deep tech start-up companies will get the benefit of this facility.

08:- Train Travel :-

It has been announced to upgrade common coaches of railways to Vande Bharat standard and to construct three major railway corridors in the country. This will reduce the congestion in the railway trains and also save the time of the passengers. A provision of Rs 55 thousand crore has been made for railways.

09:- Cancer Treatment:-

The government has decided to provide free vaccination to women and girls to get rid of cervical cancer. The benefits of Ayushman Bharat Yojana will be given to Asha workers and Anganwadi workers and helpers.

10:- Startup relief:

Currently startup companies are booming in the country. Industries are starting in small towns. The sovereign wealth fund and tax exemption facilities available to start-up companies have been extended. This term was to expire on March 31, 2024. These facilities have been extended till March 31, 2025.

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