Central Government approves amendments to Consumer Rights Rules

The government has eased rules for consumers to get new electricity connections and install rooftop solar units. Due to the new rules, now there will be instant electricity connection, which will be of great benefit to the consumers. Now in metro cities, new electricity connection will be available in 3 days, in municipal areas in 7 days and in rural areas in 15 days.

Government announced new electricity connection.

The Union Ministry of Power issued a statement in this regard on Friday. It said that the government has approved amendments to the Electricity (Consumer Rights) Rules, 2020 in this regard.. “The interest of consumers is paramount for the government.” Keeping this in mind, Union Energy Minister R. K. Singh said. The period for getting new connection or changing the existing connection in rural areas in hilly areas will remain same as earlier 30 days.

New connectivity for EV charging too:-

Customers will now be able to get a separate power connection for charging electric vehicles. This decision is in line with the objective of reducing carbon emissions in the country.

What is the new rule?

01: New electricity connection will be available in metros in three days. Earlier there was a time limit of seven days.

02: Other cities will be connected within seven days. Earlier there was a limit of 15 days.

03: Rural areas will be connected within 15 days. Earlier there was a time limit of 30 days.

Easier to install rooftop solar systems

  • Installing a rooftop solar system just got easier and faster.
  • A technical feasibility study will not be required for solar systems up to 10 KW.
  • For solar systems of higher capacity, the feasibility study period has been reduced from 20 days to 15 days.

How will customers benefit?

  • Separate billing is fixed for simple connection and back-up generators in residential societies.
  • The rule provides for inspection of meters installed by companies to verify electricity consumption in case of complaints from consumers.
  • Residents of co-operative housing societies, multi-storied buildings, residential colonies will all have the option of opting for individual connections or single-point connections for the entire complex.

Additional meters in 5 days

If it is found that the meter reading is not in accordance with the actual electricity consumption, an additional meter has to be installed within five days after the complaint is filed. The accuracy of the reading can be checked with an additional meter.

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